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I have noticed this Nugegoda, Kirulapone, this school, that school, etc. chat quite a few times in the last 12 months or so. It's repetitive and sometimes we have to go through it even on cricket and other decent discussion threads. I have moved these posts to the junk thread a few times when the conversation had absolutely nothing to do with the topic.

I want to know whether you guys are OK with this happening often on discussion threads. Power to the people Smile
Why don't we ask pj and vp to come to this thread and post their banter when ever they feel like doing it on some other thread  giving bada another job Kev

C'on pj and vp give bada a rest 
regarding my vote, I personally don't mind them , soon as I realise it's vp-pj banter I go to the next post.
Well if this goes on an important topic I'd say yes.

Even today also I saw a certain thread, again which had no relavance.

But that being said them limiting it to couple of posts I don't actually mind it.You have to have something to keep the conversation going on.

But yes,if it goes to the extreme over several pages.I'd rather not see them.
Ever since Bada got married...he's become way too serious. He used to be a bundle of fun.... Big Grin and JB has become a lot cooler.

I am just testing PJ's mental strength at times...many have mentally disintegrated....forumming is akin to Test cricket. Only the brave will tough it out there with a smile. But the moment they start swearing and swinging their manbags...they've lost it.

There...that's my two pence worth !!
I abstain from voting,since we can ill afford to lose members or even restrict them their joy in going at each other
I don't mind it if it's actually funny. It's the same old Nugegoda-Kirulapone stuff. It's gone stale. Like Jamis said, I just skip till there's some discussion lol
Maybe you two can use this thread to test some new storylines to make it funny for a change?
I have vote is my opinion.
(01-31-2017, 02:27 PM)Bada Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe you two can use this thread to test some new storylines to make it funny for a change?

Forumming is serious business Bada. Shy